Who We are ?

GSS German Ship Safety GmbH has been established in year 2017by a team specialized in marine industryover 20 years.

GSS German Ship Safety GmbH registered in Germany and offering services for ship owners and seafarers all over the world.

Being aware of our responsibility, we are happy to serve our customers in a serious and disciplined manner.

All our services are carried out by our certified engineers.

What We Do?

GSS, provides services very broad range of fire fighting equipment and tools on vessels including; fixed Co2 systems, broad range of portable fire extinguishers, SCBA, EEBD, medical O2 and portable gas monitors.

GSS is an approved service provider for lifeboats, liferafts and rescue boats with full compliance to the SOLAS regulations and IMO directives.

GSS’s fully fledged service station includes; SCBA/EEBD filling stations, foam sample analysis unit, hydrostatics test unit. Technical staff are certified from different manufacturers and suppliers in order to conduct annual and 5 year services, tests and maintenance works of life saving equipment from different suppliers. All of the consumable and other equipment in the boats including rations, water, torches, medical items are also supplied.

GSS  conducts both static and dynamic load tests of davits and winches.

Alpha Fire provides calibration services for all of the gas, heat and pressure metering tools and devices on vessels. Also all of the thermometers, manometers, hydrometers and gas composition devices which are certified with reference devices in order to give certification services.

Quality Policy

To protect the trusted and reputable identity of our company, both in the sector and in the industry, and to increase its preferability, as well as in other areas of the maritime sector and in the life safety sector. To be a leading provider in ensuring that it can be shown in a reliable and respected manner within these sectors;

  • To fully understand the expectations and wishes of our customers, in order to meet these needs and requirements, in accordance with the current standards and to ensure the exact conditions,
    • To deliver the products and services we provide to our customers on time and in full,
    • After sales of products and services we provide to ensure customer satisfaction without the need to give
    • With our project designs, we have to provide high-tech, quality and economic products and services,
    • To improve our knowledge level by giving importance to research and education, our employees and customers share,
    • To develop existing products and services by continuously following legislation and international standards, creating value to the company’s portfolio Include new products and services,
    • Prioritize honesty, mutual trust and cooperation in all our relationships, including our customers and suppliers Keep
    • Team spirit and teamwork understanding of our corporate culture view as one of the walls,
    • The company targets and strategiesand ownership,
    • To give importance to the internal information flow and coordination,

It constitutes the basic principles of our institution’s quality understanding. Adhering to these principles, to comply with the requirements of a quality system that complies with national and international standards and legislation, to continuously improve and improve our quality understanding in order to ensure the continuation of all German Ship Safety Employees.